Old Is Not Just Gold But Platinum, Check Out Its Value

All of us know and agree to the fact that `old is gold` but how many of us stick on to these oldies. The general mindset is to first avoid them for they do not match up to the latest trends and most importantly they don`t look chic. But have we ever understood their value? Leave apart this, first let`s see how many of us know the thin difference between the terms antique and vintage; in fact many of us do not even know that these two are two different terms. Before going for anything, it is first very important to understand them so that we would be able to understand and respect their values better. This holds good for everything including the immovable things like furniture, lighting carpentry etc…

An item`s age in terms of years is an important determinant of its value. Decorating the house with such pieces of value not only brings in beauty but also adds value to the house as a whole and brings in a new touch and feel to the surrounding. Each one carries a history and plotting them correctly on the timescale will bring out their importance in a better way.

Now let`s understand the real and classic meaning of antique and vintage.

Antique – a thing that is like really old is tagged under the term antique. They are generally made of wood and are unstylish. Antique items are generally considered to be of ancient importance which narrates stories of our yester years and they are generally 100 years old. Anything below this specification is not an antique. Vintage – explaining and understanding the term vintage is a little trickier and they are most of the times understood mistakenly as antique items. A vintage is generally an item that belongs to a particular era and is always sold with the year tag they were made in. The make can be of any material but of good quality and also they are a little stylish exactly bringing out the fashion and trends of a particular period. These vintage items are as old as just 20 or 30 years. They can also be referred to as used items that have come for a second sale in a good usable condition.

In most cases the vintage items that come for sale are the furniture and lighting, those that come for long and serve the purpose better. Now, having understood the minute distinction between vintage and antique items, let`s take a look at what and how to identify the best vintage furniture in the outlets. In more clear terms, a look at few points that would help in determining the value of a vintage piece better. Feel free to read more on Smithers of Stamford .

Tenon joints – this is one major points that determine the value and age of a vintage furniture. These are generally very strong and demand special skills. Hence a vintage piece that had these intricate joining techniques was considered one of the best and sturdiest pieces. These joints were hand-made and carpenters used thin pins that were tapered. This was very common till 1890 after which machine made dovetails became very popular. The reason for this shift was for reducing the time in carving them and for increasing the number/day. The perfection and accuracy was also better in machine-made tenons and they gave a uniform look to the piece.

Wood backing – look for the make before billing for a particular vintage piece. Look at its outer and inner make which would clarify on the type of wood it was made from. If its solid wood it is definite to be an 1880`s piece which is definitely a vintage piece and if it is plywood, it cannot be considered vintage for they came into existence only in the 20th century.
Manufacturer details – every product, even in the present times, come with details about the manufacturer, the materials that were used in their making and the date on which they were manufactured. This is a very important information that is to be given importance to while purchasing a product. Vintage pieces are not an exception. They also come with such details and again this is a way of understanding if they are really vintage products or a bandied one.

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